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You think you've seen it all?

You're afraid of nothing?

Are you normal? But what is normal?

You will not trust your eyes, look behind the facade and recognize the truth!

You take the role of an inmate of a mental hospital.

Survive the madness in your own head, ignore the voices, or give them up. What will you do?

Can you distinguish the madness from reality and make the right decisions?

Now prove your nerve strength and look for the truth.

- Experience various scenarios from the thoughts and the delusions of a madman.

- Panic and stress are your companions, fear and adrenaline your daily bread.

- Fight or face your fears.

- Madness can be funny, cruel, or even dangerous.

- Escape of the mental hospital.

- Experience the crazy story.

!!!Please do not pay attention if you own weak nerves!!!

                                                                                                                 Play Disturbed Incident

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